Loop: Bend | Crater Lake | The Coast | Dunes

Bend, Crater Lake, hot springs, and the Oregon Coast - this Oregon road trip itinerary will take you on a Oregon road trip to some of the best of the states hit list. Starting off in here in Corvallis (A), you head East to Bend (B) and stay a couple of nights in Sisters or just outside of Mt. Bachelor near Bend.
Next head down to the only National Park in Oregon, Crater Lake (C).  There are some excellent campground just outside of the park right on water so that you can try some fishing while you are not circling the deepest lake in America.
After that, head to the Coast.  Don't forget to swing through Eugene on your way.  We suggest setting up camp around Coos Bay (D).  From here you can head south to check out Bandon Dunes golf course and endless other micro-adventures.  Continue slowly up the coast once you've had your fill and stay over near Yachts (E).  There are a couple of great campgrounds on the beach, or else there are some great drive-up spots at Cape Perpetual.   You will need to stay here a couple of days to check out some killer beaches and hikes.
Finally head back to Corvallis, but we suggest sneaking in quick stop into Newport for a fantastic lunch at Local Ocean Seafood and enjoy some of the best prepared seafood you will ever have!