Corvallis Solar Eclipse: Path of Totality

Corvallis Oregon will be in the belt of a total solar eclipse on August 21st.  Starting at around 9am the sun will slowly start to be cloaked by the moon.  The event will culminate at around 10:11am.  Travelers from around the world have been planning their trip to Oregon to witness this rare lifetime experience, and thousands will show up in Corvallis. 

Blue has already been reserved for solar eclipse.   But all hope is not lost.  Simply use your own vehicle (or rent one) and snatch up one our canvas bell tents.  These sturdy and weather-proof tents provide ample room (209 square ft.) and can be 'glamped' out or furnished with traditional camping gear.  And if you don't want to pack and haul all of your own gear, no worries 'cause we've got you covered with our eclipse camping package.  And if you want us to set-up your camp for you in Corvallis, heck yeah, we can help with that too!

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