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Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Brandy & Alice-Kate Lamb

We always liked camping. But then, we met Quincy. Quincy is the name of our first camper in Australia which we bought on the street at King's Cross due to the unaffordable Sydney rental situation. This desperate/amazing decision led us to the greatest handful of months in our lives and our love of campers and road trips has only grown from there.

After some memorable adventures abroad, Brandy and Alice-Kate returned to the States to nestle into the Pacific Northwest for a spell. They are smitten with all that Oregon has to offer, and all within a drive. 

With this in mind, we have set up the Oregon VW Camping experience to bottle up all the goodness of a road trip from the day dreaming to the long conversations about nothing and everything. We encourage any road trip dreams, whether a motorhome, RV, campervan, or Pinto, or scooter - Cheers to the great American road trip tradition!