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The Pacific Northwest has a lifetime of trails, rivers, coast, backwoods, brew and grapes to explore.  There are many great people and organizations that can help guide us through the endless back roads and over the mountain passes.  We have pulled together a list for you to help plan your adventure.  Or be bold enough to discover the area on your own, just as the old chums Lewis and Clark did back in the day.
This site sources professional level outdoor experiences, city-by-city, from local outdoor experts about can't miss destinations and shares details through stories, guides, and reviews.  A beautifully built and arranged resource to help find hidden gems and must see local experiences.
Probably the most comprehensive adventure resource for the Pacific Northwest!  From maps to field guides to driving directions to campground reviews their community of content will blow you away and help to provide an amazing camping adventure.
We are sure that you've found the travel Oregon site before, if not, spend a few moments here to start your Oregon vacation planning to get a lay of the land.
Recent campground reviews.  The site is new, so the content may a be a little light, but if you want campground reviews - this is a good place to check out to find out details on where you plan to catch some zzz during your Oregon camper van road trip.
If you aren't feeling like rolling the dice with finding a last second campsite while on the road, you likely will be forced to make your camping reservations through this site. They have options for car camping, RV camping, camper trailers - you name it.
For those of you brave enough to get wet, this site will help you to plan a Oregon surf trip itinerary.